My First Blog

For my first blog assignment I have chosen to concentrate the number one weasel word, “Help”, from the reading “Empty Eggs: The Doublespeak of Weasel Words.”  First, I contemplated the meaning of the word “weasel” and came up with someone or something that is very sly in sneaky in how it operates.  Next, I thought about the word “help” and really could not understand why or how anyone could accuse “help” being sneaky or sly.  This was until I read the text.  After reading only a few lines I began to analyze the weasel word like William Lutz had and started to understand what was being said.  But was the author’s purpose of this article to educate us on “help” or even weasel words?  I believe the purpose of this excerpt was to make us analyze words we throw around so frequently so we gain knowledge on exactly what we are saying.   Many times through advertisements we receive information and just assume that it is true and will do what we interpret it to do.  What we should do is take in the information instead of immediately believing what is said and analyze the key words said in more than one way to find out the true meaning of the advertisement.   The article nails it on the head when it says that help does not mean it will fix the problem, but simply improve the chances of the problem being fixed.  Nothing that is advertised to us does exactly what is usually interpreted.  It is our job to take in the words being said and contemplate the true meanings so we are not fooled or scammed. If we begin to analyze these words we will start a habit in which we analyze more than just advertisements and will develop into more educated people.


One Response to “My First Blog”

  1. Mr. Barnette Says:

    The weasel phrase that kept going through my mind as I read this essay was “part of this complete breakfast,” where they show a bowl of some marshmallow gluco-balls cereal with a glass of OJ, another glass of skim milk, whole wheat toast, two eggs, and a banana. Well, yes, it’s part of that breakfast…

    I think you’re right that what we ought to do is develop a habit of thinking about the claims we come across, rather than just taking them for what they seem to imply. Such weasel words aren’t going away, so rather than get angry at advertisers we need to get smarter.

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