Article Analysis

The cultural information present in this article includes information on all immigrants, both legal and illegal. The article discusses the topic of legal immigrants here in America on “H-visas” being taken away from the jobs that our industry demands for or that we as Americans just do not want to do. These jobs include software engineers, hotel employees, seafood processors, landscapers, and vegetable pickers.

To find more information on this topic fieldworkers might ask first who has issued these immigrants their “H-visas”. Where these immigrants received their visas might be able to be used to keep them in America and continue their work. Fieldworkers might also ask if these visas are such a problem for America then why were they issued to begin with? Most of these immigrants receive these temporary visas to come to America and make money to support their families back home in Mexico.

For this topic, a fieldworkers question might differ from a journalists question in that the fieldworker would ask questions to gain information for a non-biased audience. The journalist might ask questions to keep his readers attention or to write an article that most of his viewers would agree with.

Fieldworkers might want to gather information on when this issue became a problem, how many immigrants will be affected by it, and when we can expect to see some changes. All of these questions, when answered, will help any reader understand what change can be expected due to this issue.

The fieldworker might want to research some of America’s immigration laws before putting together a report. Knowing the subject can help the fieldworker give a more conclusive opinion. Also, the fieldworker might want to find out how long the “H-visas” are supposed to last and if there is a “contract” involved that would prohibit the U.S. from taking these immigrants from the America.

To find these sources the fieldworker might want to start by reading up on recent congress events and maybe even traveling to Washington D.C. to find out what exactly is going to happen with this issue.


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