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Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2008 by ablanch3

I am writing my next blog on the article “Americanization is Tough on ‘Macho'” mainly because I do not agree with much of anything the author claims. The first thing I do not agree with is the topic of this article: we use the word “macho” to degrade people and to show trashiness, selfishness, and even “sexually promiscuousness”. I have never heard someone call a cheater, robber, or even a southern redneck macho. Macho means to show strength, courage, even self-control. Who in their right mind would say anything otherwise? It is not macho to be rude to women, steal, conflict pain for no reason. However, it is macho for a man to stand for himself and others, protect what he believes in, and even fight if needed. Macho can not be completely judged by just looking at someone.However, I do have a problem with someone coming into our country and judging us on entirely how we speak.  I do not understand how someone of such little knowledge of the U.S. can tell us how we take words and put them towards derogatory  terms.   How come we are the bad guys?   Why do Americans always have to suffer from everyone else’s mistakes?